Your boat is only protected by the harsh Winter weather if it is done by a trained professional. The team at Total Boat Vehicle & RV Protection Storage & Shrink Wrap prides itself on offering professional shrink wrapping services at an affordable rate. We have an extensive shrink wrapping process that ensures your boat opens up the way it was sealed. Our process includes:

  • The boat is dried with professional-grade dryers to avoid mold and mildew growth over the winter.
  • Next, we band and shrink wrap the visible surface area to make sure there are zero gaps in coverage.
  • We make sure all of the electronics on your boat are safeguarded.
  • Getting access into your boat without ruining the shrink wrap is important, so our team installs a sealed door for easy access.

This labor-intensive process is essential to make sure your boat is in the exact shape it was when you dropped it off. The last thing you want to do is fix your boat when the Spring season opens up. Work with a professional boat shrink wrapping service. Give us a call today at (406) 880-4733 to get more information about our boat wrapping service.



Boat Shrink Wrap: Step 1

After drying the boat completely and covering the fuel vent you build the roofline. This is the foundation of the cover and needs to be solid. It is secured to the trailer frame in 5 locations and the outdrive as a sixth location.

Boat Shrink Wrap: Step 2

Then the bottom line of the shrink-wrap must be built. This band needs to be strong and fairly tight. It will anchor the shrink wrap where you want it. Now is the time to double-check that all winterization is completed. Everything that should be off the boat is and fuel vent and anything else that needs are covered.

Boat Shrink Wrap: Step 3

The wrap is now draped over the boat and cut to size. Trim off the excess and construct your pleats.

Boat Shrink Wrap: Step 4

Tuck 5 to 6 inches of the wrap under the band that now in circles the boat leaving the bow and stern for later. Make sure the pleats are neat and properly fashioned.

Boat Shrink Wrap: Step 5

Heat seal the seam around the anchor band and finish off sealing the bow and stern. Then heat shrinks the bottom part of the wrap.

Boat Shrink Wrap: Step 6

Heat shrink the rest of the cover and then secure the anchor band to the boat trailer.

Boat Shrink Wrap: Step 7

Uncover the fuel vent and as we vent the cover to breathe properly we also vent the fuel tank and in this case, we vent the built-in porta potty.